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Initial thoughts on the ingredients

August 31, 2009 2 comments

So the ingredients have been officially announced, and I ponder what to cook up with them.

My first idea was something of a seafaring adventure, but it seemed a bit too “easy” way to incorporate the ingredients. Seabirds, seacharts and the dividers, using stars to navigate, and the french heraldry all hint at a game like that. But I’d rather do something more interesting.

So I picked up some of the ideas and fiddled with them a bit. I think I’ll be using them like this:
Star -> Constellations
Divider -> Ruler (maybe as a gaming mechanic)
Fleur-de-lis -> Heraldry

The theme, intrigue, can be interprated as scheming, plotting and mystery. That sounds definetely something I’d use in my game.

Special Distinctions also looked like fun. At first, most of them seemed a bit too limiting, but then I found few I liked. Mainly the year 2001, three players and “dressed-to-impress” trophies. I’ll have to think how they will fit my final ideas.

Three ingredients, an interesting theme and a few special distinctions to mix things up a bit. Sounds like fun.

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August 30, 2009 2 comments

After a break from the cooking, I decided it was a good time to participate once again in the Game Chef competition. You might know me from my previous entries: Psykhotherapy and Rose Duels. They were generally accepted as properly written, but somewhat lacking in execution.

This year I plan to achieve atleast these objectives:

  • Create a complete game with working game mechanics
  • Better incorporation of the ingredients than my last entries had
  • Proper layout and possibly some nice artwork
  • Have a good time cooking 🙂

Let’s hope for the best and have a nice competition.

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