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The Game Mechanics and Skills

The game mechanics are almost done. But before I can get working on Character Creation, I need to figure out how to implement the Zodiac in the game system, but I’m not sure how to work it out. I’m thinking of associating each zodiac sign for each skill, allowing a re-roll to that particular skill. Any other ideas?

Here’s what I have so far:

Skill test

The player rolls the amount of d6’s he has in the relevant skill (1-3), and checks if any one of them is equal or above the Difficulty Value of the task (3, 4, 5 or 6).

I did a little math with probabilities, and I ended up with following results:
#          DV 3:      DV 4:      DV 5:      DV 6:
1d6:   67%        50%         33%        17%
2d6:   87%        75%        56%         31%
3d6:   96%        88%        70%        42%

So if I roll 2d6 and a task is set at DV 4, the probability of getting either one or two fours is 75%.

I think it works out quite well. It’s intuitive, and the odds are pretty decent. Most of the Obstacles will be DV 4 or 5.

Skill list

Athletics (jumping, climbing, running)
Combat (firearms, melee, unarmed)
Stealth (hiding, sneaking, shadowing)
Larceny (lock picking, sleight of hand, bypassing security systems)

Coercion (intimidation, persuasion, bribing)
Deception (lying, disguises, hiding emotions)
Empathy (sensing motives, communicating with animals, spotting lies)
Socialize (etiquette, seduction, small talk)

Academics (law, politics, religion)
Paranormal (occultism, parapsychology, UFOs)
Science (physics, chemistry, biology)
Technology (using computers, making repairs, disabling machines

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