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Ideas for the next version

We did one playtest and the game ran smoothly. Character creation had a few difficulties, but nothing major. I might need to give the characters a few skillpoints more and emphasize the zodiac signs a bit.

The Mission we played was the one I wrote on the first draft. The players had fun planning how they were going to capture the politician and get him out of the hotel. The only problems we had were:

  • If the character has a skill of zero to begin with, would he fail automatically or try it with just one die and a DV of 6?
  • What happens if you don’t succeed?  Originally I had visioned that the skills get penalties (similar to Dust Devils) and when a skill reaches zero, the character needs to abort the Mission.
  • How do contested rolls work? For example, if a character wants to hide and a NPC character wants to find him, how does it work?

So I started thinking about these questions. I think I’ll give the character more skill points, and in an unlikely situation that they need to use a skill they don’t have, they can roll a single die against DV 6.

Another new idea I had was Stress points. After an unsuccessful skill test, the characters Stress raises by one point. For the duration of the Mission, the character suffers a one die penalty in all his skill tests. As soon as the character gains his third Stress point, he must abandon the Mission.

Contested skill tests aren’t such a huge problem, it just needs to be written to the book. If the contest is an Obstacle, then it is used against the Obstacles DV. In any other case, the Overseer determines the difficulty value necessary. A good guideline is that DV 4 is somewhat easy task.

The setting worked fine, but it needs a little bit more details. I might make some adjustments on it, but I’ll focus mainly on getting the mechanics working.

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