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“Cyber Android Soldiers” – An old school RPG-project

March 1, 2011 2 comments

A few days ago I had a great idea for a tabletop RPG. Imagine the future: year 20XX. Robotics and cybernetics are common and humans live luxurious lives with their robotic and cybernetic servants. That is, until the attacks from a Robotic Terrorists begin. A new counter-terrorist organization called Cyber Android Soldiers is formed to eliminate these robotic terrorists and bring peace.

So basically the idea is:
– A cyberpunk world inspired by AstroBoy, Metropolis and especially the MegaMan-games
– Mission-format adventures with old school dungeoneering vibe
– Mechanically simple, yet with vast amount of customization for the characters

I already have some ideas on the mechanics, but I think I’ll test them before writing them down.

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