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Game Chef 2011 – Ideas and mechanics

July 18, 2011 1 comment

After a couple of days of pondering, I’ve come up with some ideas about my entry for year’s Game Chef. I’m not very familiar with Shakespeare, because here in Finland his works aren’t read so vigorously as they are in English speaking countries. But I think that despite my lack of knowledge about Shakespeare and his plays, I know enough to pull of a great Shakespeare inspired game.

The ingredients (Daughter, Exile, Forsworn and Nature) don’t give me that many ideas about the setting, but I’ve come up with a narrative storytelling game that uses a regular deck of cards to create interesting stories.

The basic mechanic works as such:
– Each player is dealt a set amount of cards from the deck (initially I was thinking about dealing 13 cards for each player, because 52/4=13)
– The story is built in 13 scenes (or less if necessary), and each scene has a predetermined structure (Scene 1 introduces the main characters etc.)
– After each scene has been set up, each player chooses one card they have been dealt. The most common suit of the cards tells the nature of the scene (Spades  = Drama, Clubs = Tragedy, Hearts = Romance, Diamonds = Comedy).
–  The player with the highest card then narrates the scene according to the genre.
– Ace is the highest card, but also defines the nature of the scene despite what suits the other cards are.
– In case of a tie, the cards are resolved in following order: Spades, Clubs, Hearts, Diamonds.

Other than this raw gameplay mechanic, I’ve come up with nothing worth of mentioning. I hope that I figure out something soon so that I can start writing.

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Game Chef 2011 announced

July 15, 2011 Leave a comment

The king of game writing contests, Game Chef, is about to begin this year. The whole “write a completely playable game in a couple of weeks”-concept has always been very interesting and challenging. The rules of the competition can be found in here:

This year the contestants have 10 days to write up a 3,000 words long game that fits into the theme of Shakespeare and three of the four ingredients that are yet to be announced. I’m super excited and wish good luck to my fellow chefs!

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