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Game Chef 2012 – To Put Things Right

After spending the last couple of days thinking about the Game Chef 2012, I eventually came up with a concept that I feel like I’m able to write a game about. The theme of this years contest is ‘Last Chance’, which I initially had a good feeling about, but couldn’t get any interesting ideas at first since for some reason I got too stuck with the idea of apocalyptic setting. Fortunately I was able to get my creative juices flowing and moved onwards.

Another (unofficial/optional) theme for this years contest is “Design your game as if it might only be played once”, which will probably lead into various different interesting design choices. I personally like the challenge it gives to us designers, and how it breaks away from the traditional RPG format, which is why I decided to go for that as well.

The ingredients for this year are set in two groups, a common list and a personally generated list of threads from The Forge, which serves as the official forum for the contest.

The common ingredients are: Coyote, Doctor, Lantern, Mimic

My personal ingredients were not as interesting, so I decided to scrap them and go for the Old School GC way of doing things. Restrictions are a nice way to feed creativity, and while the Game Chef format can be really hard sometimes I feel that it also brings out the best in us designers.

So, I eventually got to the point where I had a nice idea. The name of my GC2012 entry is going to be “To Put Things Right”. What is this game going to be about?


The game focuses on four characters, each conceptualized from the ingredients. The characters and the story are prewritten in a one-shot style game that draws some ideas from LARP games (and especially Jeepform).

The main idea of the game is: A time traveller (Doctor) is given his Last Chance To Put Things Right, and he travels back in time to change what he witnessed. He meets his friends (Coyote, Lantern and Mimic) who are unaware of his travel in time.

Due to the secretive nature of the game, writing about the game will most probably spoil the game for most of the people. Thus, I have decided to refrain from revealing too much of the game. I will return for the mechanics and other non-spoiling stuff later after I have managed to get them into more verbal form.

I have a good feeling about this game already. If you’re interested in the game, I will be keeping the discussion of the game in the Forge thread found here.

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