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To Put Things Right, again

The Game Chef contest is coming to a close soon. I feel like I am making good process, maybe something like 2/3 finished. I did have a bit of a slump earlier this week: I had to re-evaluate my initial ideas for the game and try to make it work better. Eventually I got through it, changing the game slightly.

This newer idea differs in that there is actually only one player character: the Doctor. The other players take the roles of Fates, who are kind of a pseudo-GMs who are responsible for making the story go forwards.

Mechanically the game works pretty much like a narrative storygame. The players take turns to set up scenes, ¬†progressing the story. There are also special scenes called Memories from the Future, that contain crucial information about the overall “plot”; the previous future the Doctor remembers and is able to change due to these Memories.

During these Memories, the Doctor can make a choice between keeping the Memory as he remembers it, or using his Influence to change it.

Influence is a resource that is used to make changes to the Memories but also to succeed in small tasks during “regular” scenes. Some Memories might also grant the Doctor some more Influence, but mostly of the time it is a resource that needs to be used carefully.

The main characters (and the storyline) is still the same, but I decided that this way the game represents my vision better. I still have to finish writing off the Memories and come up with a good descriptions of the characters. I also don’t think that the names of the characters (Doctor, Lantern, Coyote and Mimic) are particularly great, but I haven’t been able to come up with other nicknames for them. I want to give the players the option to set the game to a setting familiar to them, and thus refrain from actually naming these characters. They might be called Richard, Alessio, Sakari or Takeshi, it doesn’t change the game that much, and being able to name the characters themselves might give the players a better opportunity to adapt the game to their own purposes.

I hope that I’ll be able to finish the game today, or at least early tomorrow. I’ll post a link to the finished game after I’m done with it.

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