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Game Chef 2012 – Reviews

As a part of the Game Chef 2012 contest, us Chefs are expected to give feedback to each other. Each Chef was given four games to review. I will make a separate post for each of review, but for the sake of referencing, here are the games I was chosen to review, with links to the games and a small introductory blurb:

Submission #27: Therapy by Charles Boucher
A game within a game with shared characters and hidden player identity, or else just a way for three people to mess with a fourth at length.

My review on Therapy.

Submission #29: Beacon of Hope by Shari Corey
Travel through time to undo Coyote’s sabotage and save humanity-But Coyote travels with you-Can you prove yourselves worthy?

My review on Beacon fo Hope.

Submission #32: Heist by Theresa Strike
Synchronize your watches, because the police are on their way and time is running out.

My review on Heist.

Submission #36: Last Chance to Tell the Tale of Coyote and Medicine Man by Bryan Hansel
Tell the story of creation in this story telling parlor game told at the end of the world. Includes a fire ring and shadow puppets.

My review on Last Chance to Tell the Tale of Coyote and Medicine Man.

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