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Game Review – Heist by Theresa Strike

As mentioned in a previous blogpost, I will be reviewing some games as a part of the Game Chef 2012 contest. This is the third review.


Heist is a mixture of a roleplaying game and a cooperative board game for four players and a GM.  It is a game about four crooks trying to break in to a bank vault, using the special talents of the crooks to pull it off. But with a limit of three hours (of real time), the stakes are high.

The game includes a map of the bank, premade characters and a list of NPCs and other obstacles for the players to overcome.

First Impressions

The use of real time timelimit seems really interesting and gives it a unique twist. And although I don’t have anything against mixing boardgame elements to roleplaying games, the game board and the strict movement rules threw me off a bit.  But that is just a personal preference.


The characters all have a solid build and feel like they have their uses. The idea of having players plan the idea beforehand is a nice way to introduce some roleplaying aspects to the otherwise very mechanical game. The mechanics seem well written, although the botch part is not clear about how the “getting caught” is supposedly explained in the narration, but that is probably up to the players to decide.


The game is basically just a set of rules written for the boardgame, with roleplaying feeling more like an optional choice. The rules indicate that players have to come up with the plan, play through it and possibly even trade some of their time for equipment, which can lead to the players rushing through things to conserve time.

Out of the ingredients, I don’t seem to find the Mimic used anywhere. Maybe the Conman is supposed to be the Mimic?


While the game has a nice concept and some interesting ideas about the mechanics, I feel like it doesn’t manage to deliver its full potential. Some of the ideas get lost behind the mechanical complexity of the game, especially the main concept of time as a resource. As it is written, the timelimit forces the players to skip the roleplaying and try to go through the game as fast as possible. The boardgame and its conventions don’t help this much, since moving characters around the board, checking range for guns and other situation like these can take surprisingly long time to go through.

If you are interested in the game, it can be found here.

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