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The Zodiac – How to make it work?

September 6, 2009 5 comments

With the game mechanics ready, all I need is the Zodiac signs. I have some ideas how to implement them in a game, but I’m not completely sure if they’re all good and necessary.

12 Zodiac signs, 12 skills. My first idea was to associate each sign to a matching skill and grant the player a re-roll for that skill. For example, if the character was Sagittarius, then he’d gain re-roll on athletics, because he doesn’t want to give up on physical tasks. Read more…

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Burned down

September 2, 2009 11 comments

I’m totally lost with my ideas.  If you have any ideas on how to get  back on track, please help me out here. The Secret Society lacks something really important and I can’t figure out what do with it. Maybe I really should just abandon it and try out something else.

I was wondering what kind of a game I want to write. I have some ideas, but none of them quite fit the contest. Modern day shamans, timetravel and virtual reality/cyberspace hackers.

I’ll start with listing the ideas that taste good to me:

– scheming/plotting vs fascinating/interesting, I could go either way

– constellations, zodiac, star as a symbol, astronomy

Three Player Award
three players and one GM or three player game with no GM
competitive or non-competitive play, not quite sure

Year 2001 Award
– modern age, new millennium, end of the world, beginning of a new age, terrorism

So, if I put these together I have:

Intriquing constellations, a game of modern astronomy for three players


I might fuse this and the shamans together for something epic. Not sure if it’s a epic win or epic fail though. Let’s hope for the best.

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